Java applications development
Markets are exponentially expanding globally and so are businesses which are constantly evolving, having to deal with a widely distributed resources spread out globally. The success of any global business is an effective management of all entities having an impact on it’s business process, coordinating high volume of information. All these aspects creates the need of distributed applications.

Java distributed applications are highly scalable and robust while being architecture neutral and cross platform compliant hence rendering them high performance and optimum for dynamic distributed networks. Any modern application will most likely incorporate Java and open source technologies and frameworks. Java applications are becoming more complex over time, but with the advent of Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture, enterprise applications have changed dramatically. We now talk about multi-tier applications which can live virtually anywhere, accessing services both local and "in the cloud", spanning multiple databases and Java virtual machines.

Expert Java developers from our outsourcing software development department will help you develop highly functional distributed Java applications, offering security and reliability while using distributed Java applications across your enterprise, ensuring seamless processing and integration of your distributed business activities.

Mobile applications development
Mobile is becoming the face of the enterprise with an increasing reliance of consumers and employees on mobile devices as the primary solution for business, communication, computing and Internet access. There is a new shift in the IT industry and  we are witnessing an explosion in the number of mobile applications, the creation of which, follows an agile software development lifecycle where rapid response to user feedback and professional approach generates the best mobile apps.

GSD design, customizes, integrates, implements, deploys and tests mobiles applications across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry mobile platforms using open source mobile frameworks. Our cross platform mobility services range from small to enterprise mobile applications. We have a competent, knowledgeable and highly skilled mobile developers on all major cross platform SDK and frameworks including but not limited to PhoneGap, Codenameone, Sencha Touch, Apache Cordova, jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3.