Technology Centre of Excellence

"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude" - Ralph Marston

The Technology Centre of Excellence (TCE) is a special department where our technical experts, architects and project managers are performing Research & Development activities and provide leadership, best practices, support and training sessions to the other team members. New and emerging technologies are researched to assist in early or rapid adoption through technology readiness training sessions. The key technical areas within the TCE are Java Technologies and Mobile Applications Development.

Experts from within the TCE are seconded to project teams within GSD on an ad hoc basis to assist on development projects and to upskill or mentor the project team’s members on the latest technologies. In addition, monthly training sessions are held by our TCE team to development and technical staff to ensure knowledge and skill transfer on the latest technologies.

The members of the TCE also function as Technical Consultants or Project Managers for consulting engagements where we get involved in helping and assisting our customers:

  • To solve urgent technical problems and crisis situations
  • To evaluate the team structure and competency
  • To setup the initial development phase, analyze the project context and create work packages with specific estimations according to the requirements
  • To adopt the right methodologies and implement the best organization for the management of the projects
  • To select the best technologies and architecture in order to insure the quality and the robustness of the project
  • To train the team members with the latest versions of the technologies, development tools and best practices
  • To analyze the strengths and the weaknesses of existing IT system and recommend the appropriate improvements