IT Academy

GSD IT Academy is a special department in our organization which handles with internship and training programs, ensuring the development of next generation of specialists. We are always looking to add new valuable team members to our organization while through the Academy we invest time, resources and energy to support each of them to reach their full potential.

Software Development Internship

As a Software Development intern at GSD IT you will have the chance to explore exciting aspects of technology and software development process. Throughout the internship period you will be involved in the entire life cycle of application development, from design to implementation and production release. You will receive training to help enhance your programming skills, learn how to innovate and design professional software and also instill a working familiarity with our organization’s workflow and approach. You will be part of a highly skilled team, software architects and project managers that will facilitate with your development.

For the internship program we are searching for people with the following skills:

  • Bachelor, Master or PhD degree in Computer Science, or relevant work experience, or have Software Developer training program completed
  • Strong understanding of Object Oriented Design and Development, data structures and algorithms
  • Good knowledge of Java programming language
  • Fluent in English (both written and spoken)
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proactive, results oriented, ambitious and self-driven
  • Desire to design and develop large-scale software systems
  • Team player

And nice to have

  • Knowledge of web-related client-side technologies (JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax, HTML5, CSS3) and web standards
  • REST and SOAP web service concepts
  • Base knowledge of Android or iOS applications development
  • Database design and development experience (SQL, NoSQL, database concepts)
  • Knowledge of design patterns

Additional Information

  • The duration can vary between 3  months to 1 year
  • The internship is part-time (you can opt for full-time also)
  • The working hours are flexible!

Apply to the internship program by sending us your resume together with a cover letter at academy[at] specifying the chosen program and your motivation.

Software Development Training

Looking to begin a career in software development? If you’re highly motivated and passionate about technology, GSD IT Academy is the solution for your search. The Academy's mission is to complete the knowledge built during University classes with more advanced concepts, design patterns, best practices and personal abilities required in the software development industry. The purpose is to help you develop practical and teamwork skills, to meet the standards of real projects and real deadlines.

GSD IT provides a year-long intensive training program for people transitioning into software development. We offer one of the most comprehensive developer training programs available: six months of part-time classroom instruction plus six months of on-the-ground training ensures our graduates thrive in their careers as developers.

As a selected student, you’ll be learning collaboratively in a challenging and creative environment.

No experience? You don't need any. The training is for passionate students who are technically inclined, but do not have a background in computer science.

The program begins with a series of language specific classes covering software development principles and practices, with Java being the primary teaching language. The next phase of the training focuses on languages an tools, including deep dives in MySQL, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, SVN, and JIRA for tasks management. The training is , however, there is a heavy emphasis on self-study. Students will spend time learning from multiple sources (live lecture, demonstrations, eBooks, online WIKIs, etc…). However, most of the time will be spent practicing what has been learned through challenges and assigned projects.

Why you should join

  • You will increase your chances to be hired!
  • You will gain the “practical” knowledge, besides the theoretical knowledge accessed during the Faculty.
  • At the end of the program you will receive a certification for graduating GSD IT Academy training.

Apply to the training program by sending us your resume together with a cover letter at academy[at] specifying the chosen program and your motivation.