Business model

GSD offers support in all phases of the software products development life cycle and aims to provide long term business value to the customers. We combine software products and services, offering solutions for medium and large size business organizations.
Our evolution strategy is accomplished by investing in the constant development of our team and improving our latest technologies expertise. Investing in people and technology brings quality and value to our group and, by respecting these principles, we also respect our customers and their business.

In order to achieve our objectives, the business model is based on two main aspects:

  • Outsourcing for multiple IT processes (custom software development, software architecture, maintenance, testing, etc). We are looking for medium to long-term partnership with our customers and we rate our success by proposing the right financial offer for the best quality.
  • Own software products development. Business expertise, innovation and creativity; we consider these aspects essential in developing successful and marketable software products.